Terms of Service

Terms of Sevice

The terms and conditions the NODCOINS (less than the company ‘ ’) a friend in companies and using (less than service ‘ ’) internet related services provided by the user to define the responsibilities and rights and duties of the highest possible standard.

Article 1 : Definition.

  1. The company is to provide users of services, such as computer information and communication facilities set using the website says.
  2. For a company website provided by the company according to the terms and conditions of access to services provided by the recipient to say.

Article 2 : Amendment specifying and description and terms and conditions.

The company will post the contents of these terms and conditions on the initial service screen (front) so that users can easily understand them. However, the contents of the terms and conditions can be set so that users can see them through the connection screen.

  1. The company may amend these terms and conditions to the extent that it does not violate related laws such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions and the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
  2. When revising this Agreement, the company will notify the application date and the reason for the amendment from 7 days before the application date to the day before the application date on the initial screen of the website along with the current Terms and Conditions.
  3. If you change the terms and conditions against the user, you will be notified with a grace period of at least 30 days. In this case, the company clearly compares the contents before and after the revision so that the user can understand it.

Article 3: Provision and modification of services

The Company performs the following tasks:

  1. Provide information to users
  2. Other duties determined by the company

If there is a change in the service, the company may change the contents of the service according to the company’s decision. In this case, the contents of the changed service and the date of delivery are specified and immediately notified on the front of the website.

Article 4: Discontinuance of Service

The company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance and replacement of information and communication facilities such as computers, breakdowns, or interruption of communication. If the service cannot be provided due to the conversion of business items, abandonment of business, or integration between companies, the company will immediately notify the user through the front of the website.

Article 5: Protection of personal information

  1. When collecting user personal information, the company collects the minimum personal information to the extent necessary to provide the service.
  2. When the company collects and uses the user’s personal information, it notifies the user of the purpose and obtains consent.
  3. The company cannot use the collected personal information for any purpose other than the purpose.
  4. In the event of a new purpose of use other than the purpose defined in Article 5 (3) of this Agreement, or if it is provided to a third party, the purpose is notified to the user at the stage of use and provision and consent is obtained.
  5. Users can request access to their personal information and correct errors at any time, and the company is obligated to take necessary measures without delay.
  6. If a user requests correction of an error, the company will not use the personal information until the error is corrected.
  7. When the company or a third party who has received personal information from it achieves the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information, the personal information is destroyed without delay.

Article 6: Company’s obligations

The Company has the following obligations to deliver the Services.

  1. The Company shall not engage in acts prohibited by these Terms and Conditions and shall do its best to provide services continuously and reliably as prescribed by these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The company should have a security system to protect users’ personal information so that users can use the Internet service safely.

Article 7: User obligations

The user must not naxt action

  1. the theft of information from others’ information
  2. Change information posted to your company
  3. Transmission or posting of information other than information determined by the company (computer programs, etc.)
  4. Infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, by the company or other third parties
  5. Damages the reputation of the company or other third parties or interferes with their business

Article 8: Attribution of copyright and restriction of use

  1. Copyright and other intellectual property rights for works prepared by the company belong to the company.
  2. Users shall not reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or use the information obtained by the service to which intellectual property rights belong to the company or use it to a third party without the company’s prior consent.
  3. The company shall notify the user when using the copyright attributed to the user according to the agreement.

Article 9: Settlement of disputes related to the terms and conditions of use

The company preferentially handles complaints and comments submitted by users. However, if it is difficult to process quickly, the reason is immediately notified to the user.